33325 N. Sears Boulevard, Wildwood, IL 60030 - phone (847) 223-7275


List of Parks, Locations and Description of Amenities

Boulder Park - 33020 N. Battershall Dr.

Location: corner of Cove Road, Battershall and Ridge Road

Acreage - .23

Park Benches (2), Picnic Table, Fishing


Cove Park  - 33145 N. Cove Rd.

Acreage - .25

Park Bench, Picnic Table, Fishing


Lake Shore Drive Park South - 33080 N. Battershall Dr.

Location: corner of Lake Shore Drive and Battershall Road

Acreage - .38

Park Bench, Picnic Table, Fishing


Old Plank Park - 18833 N. Old Plank Rd.

Location: Old Plank Road and Indian Lane

Acreage - .56

Playground Equipment, Picnic Table 


Pebble Beach Park - 33399 N. Sears Blvd.

Location: corner of Sears Blvd. and Park Street

Acreage - 2.54

Swim Beach, Boat Ramp, Piers, Playground Equipment, Picnic Tables (9), Grill, Park Benches (4), Bike Rack


Rule Park - 33325 N. Sears Blvd.

Acreage - 5.5

Wildwood Park District Office, Community Center, Picnic Tables (10), Fishing, Park Benches (10), Tot Playground Equipment, Bike Rack, Small Library


Sunset Park - 33300 N. Lake Shore Dr.

Location: Island and Lake Shore Drive

Acreage - 1.27

Swim Beach, Boat Ramp, Piers, Park Benches (5), Playground Equipment, Picnic Tables (7), Grills (3), Covered Pavilion, Small Library


Twin Lakes Park - 17900 W. Fairfield Ln.

Location: Twin Lakes Blvd. and Mill Road

Acreage - 6.76

Playground Equipment, Park Benches (3), Softball Field, Picnic Tables (4), Soccer Field, Walking Path, Small Library


Valley South Park - 33290 N. Mill Rd.

Location: Mill Road and Chippewa

Acreage - 1.12

Swim Beach, Playground Equipment, Fishing, Park Benches (4), Picnic Tables (3)


Valley North Park - 33536 N. Mill Rd.

Location: Mill Road and Iroquios Street

Acreage - .36

Fishing, Park Benches (2), Pier, Picnic Table


Willow Point Park - 33666 N. Cove Rd.

Location: corner of John Mogg Road and Cove Road

Acreage - 8.25

Walking/Biking Path, Softball Field, Swim Beach, Playground Equipment, Volleyball Net, Piers, Covered Pavilion, Picnic Tables (12), Grills (3), Park Benches (14), Bike Racks (2), Small Library











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