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Swing 1   Sessions 1, and 3

Swing dancing is still alive and kicking in venues all around Chicago & Milwaukee.  It's a great way to let off steam, burn calories, and meet new people.  This beginners class covers the basic steps, popular moves and solid techniques that will have you looking like a veteran dancer in no time.  In Swing 1 you will get a strong foundation through an introduction to the big three of swing:  East Coast, Lindy Hop, and Charleston.  Wear comfortable, workout type clothes and sporty, soft soled shoes.  No dance experience required.  No partner required.


Swing 2  Sessions 4, 5 and 6

Swing 2 is where you take the basics you learned in Swing 1 and now add complexity and polish.  The music will be more challenging as we speed things up, slow things down, and throw in some breaks.  We will spice up the basic footwork as we take the moves to another level.  And most importantly we will be building mental and physical endurance on the dance floor.  Wear comfortable, workout type clothes and sporty, soft-soled shoes.  Swing 1 experience with me required.  No partner required.


Location:  Oak Room, Rule House


Ages:  14+


Fee:  $43R/$53NR



Class ID             Date                       Time                   


Swing 1  

1834.20.03       11/13-12/18          7:00-8:00pm            


Swing 2                                                                                 

1834.20.06       11/13-12/18           8:00-9:00pm





Enjoy a restful, calming class designed to engage the mind and body through stretching and strengthening exercises. Improve flexibility, range of motion, balance and posture during this hour long program. This class will focus on relaxing your mind to improve your health. 


Location:  Oak Room, Rule House


Age: 14+ 


Monday Sessions:  5:45-6:45pm

Class ID                 Date                            Fee

1836.01.01                  9/10 - 10/29                   $70R/$90NR

1836.01.02                  11/5 - 12/17                     $70R/$90NR

Total Monday Sessions:

1836.01.03                   9/10 - 12/17                   $130R/$165NR


Thursday Sessions:  7:00-8:00pm

Class ID                  Date                             Fee

1836.01.04                  9/13 - 10/25                  $70R/$90NR

1836.01.05                  11/1 - 12/20                    $70R/$90NR

Total Thursday Sessions

1836.01.06                 9/13 - 12/20                   $130R/$165






Give us two hours and we'll teach you, your family and your friends how to defend yourselves.  This class, taught by The Brave Way, is one of the easiest to learn and most effective self-defense classes you can take.  The techniques taught here are easy to learn and use and will stop an attacker immediately.  You'll work with a partner to learn the techniques taught in class, which include defenses against armed and unarmed attackers; single/multiple attackers; standing, sitting, and ground techniques.  Anyone aged 8 and up may register.  8 to 11 years olds must sign up with an adult.  


Location:  Oak Room, Rule House


Time:  7:00pm-9:00pm


Class ID        Date            Fee 

1836.05.03      11/9           $28R/$35NR

Adult Programs 

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