33325 N. Sears Boulevard, Wildwood, IL 60030 - phone (847) 223-7275


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Go Wildwood Walking Club

As a continuation of our GO Wildwood initiative, the Walking Club will meet to walk through our parks. This club will give participants the

opportunity to get outside, get some exercise and socialize with their neighbors. Each walk will be led by a walking club champion. All ages are

welcome and patrons can come and go as they please. Register for each walk at least one week prior to the date. If the weather is questionable, contact the office one hour before we are scheduled to meet to ensure we will still walk.

If you are interested in becoming a Walking Club Champion and leading our walks, contact our office at 847-223-7275 or email at info@wildwoodparkdistrict.com



Class ID                 Date                      Day                   Time                   Location

1926.03.02             7/18                        Thursday         7:00pm               Meet at the corner of N. Woodland Terrance and N. Cove Rd.

1926.03.03             8/15                        Thursday         3:00pm               Meet in the parking lot across from the Warren Township Food Pantry
















Enjoy a restful, calming class designed to engage the mind and body through stretching and strengthening exercises. Improve flexibility, range of motion, balance, and posture during this hour-long program. This class will focus on relaxing your mind to improve your health.


Location: Oak Room, Rule House, 33325 N. Sears Blvd.

Age: 14 and up

Instructor: Sharon Bucholtz

Min/Max: 5/12

No Class on 7/4


Monday Session

Class ID            Date             Day              Time                     Fee

1926.01.01          5/13-7/1        Mon             5:45-6:45pm       $82R/$102NR

1926.01.02         7/8-8/26      Mon             5:45-6:45pm       $82R/$102NR


Total Session Sign Up

Class ID            Date             Day               Time                    Fee

1926.01.03         5/13-8/26     Mon              5:45-6:45pm      $152R/$187NR


Thursday Session

Class ID            Date             Day               Time                     Fee

1926.01.04         5/16-7/11      Thur              7:00-8:00pm      $82R/$102NR

1926.01.05         7/18-9/5       Thur              7:00-8:00pm      $82R/$102NR


Total Session Sign Up

Class ID           Date              Day               Time                      Fee

1926.01.06        5/16-9/5       Thur              7:00-8:00pm       $152R/$187NR








Paddle Board Yoga

Yoga + Water + Nature? Yes, Please! Join Casey this summer as she guides a beautiful yoga class on the water. Not only will taking your land practice to the water make you stronger and more stable but being surrounded by the beauty of Gages Lake will help you clear your mind and relax on a level that you have never experienced. Stand Up and Flow Yoga is for everybody. We welcome everyone from beginners to seasoned yogis and we promise that your yoga experience will be the most memorable part of your summer! When you register, you will be asked to indicate if you are bringing your own paddle board. 


Location: Willow Point Beach, 33666 N Cove Rd.

Age: 18 and older

Instructor: Stand Up and Flow

Day: Wednesday 

Min/Max: 5/5


Class ID           Time                    Fee                             Dates           

1926.04.01      6:15-7:45pm     $88R/$98NR               7/17, 7/24, 8/7

Adult Programs 

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