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Enjoy a restful, calming class designed to engage the mind and body through stretching and strengthening exercises. Improve flexibility, range of motion, balance and posture during this hour long program. This class will focus on relaxing your mind to improve your health. 


Location:  Oak Room, Rule House


Age: 14+ 


Monday Sessions:  5:45-6:45pm

Class ID                 Date                            Fee

1836.01.01                  9/10 - 10/29                   $70R/$90NR

1836.01.02                  11/5 - 12/17                     $70R/$90NR

Total Monday Sessions:

1836.01.03                   9/10 - 12/17                   $130R/$165NR


Thursday Sessions:  7:00-8:00pm

Class ID                  Date                             Fee

1836.01.04                  9/13 - 10/25                  $70R/$90NR

1836.01.05                  11/1 - 12/20                    $70R/$90NR

Total Thursday Sessions

1836.01.06                 9/13 - 12/20                   $130R/$165



Swing Social

Come on out for a fun night of swing dancing! There will be open dancing as well as some instruction. Wear comfortable, workout clothes and sporty, soft-soled shoes. No dance experience required. No partner required.


Location: Oak Room, Rule House


Age: 14+


Time: 7:00pm-10:30pm


  Class ID                        Date                         Fee

1834.20.07                        November 27                         $5



Adult Programs 

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