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Tiny 2's and You

Give your child an introduction to an early childhood enviorment with a chance to interact with their peers. This class is desgigned to promote parent and child interaction with other families in a creative class. You and your child will participate in crafts, sing, and dance with music, and circle time. A parent must be present for each class.


Location:  Maple Room, Rule House

Age:  2-3 years old

Time:   10:45-11:30am


Class ID                   Date              Day                    Fee

1911.06.02             3/18-4/22           Monday              $32R/$37NR

Lunch Bunch

This low-key program extends the Preschool day.  Participants will eat lunch and participate in a fun and learning activity.  Please bring a sack lunch and drink.  


Location:  Oak Room, Rule House

Age:  4-5 years

Time:   11:45am-12:45pm


Class ID                   Date                  Day                       Fee

1911.04.02                  3/6-4/17              Wednesday            Class Is Full!




Preschool Yoga Class

In this fun and playful class for preschoolers we will introduce yoga poses, awareness of breath and relaxation through games, stories, music and play. The practice helps children improve strength, flexibility, focus, social and motor skills while having fun.


Location: Oak Room, Rule House

Age: 3-5

Time: 1:30-2:15pm


Class ID                   Date                   Day                     Fee

1911.05.02              3/13-4/17              Wednesday            $50R/$58NR







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