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Swim Lessons - Preschool Youth

The American Red Cross Swimming and Water Safety Program features progressive levels of learn-to-swim instruction to help swimmers of all ages and abilities develop their swimming and water safety skills. For all sessions, we are offering "block" swim lessions. You may sign up for a block of time each session. A skills test will be given on the first day of class and your child will be placed in the class with other students near the same skill level. Easch session will run Monday through Friday for two weeks. Rainy days will be used for safety classes on the beach or under the pavilion (excluding severe weather). All participants must be potty trained and meet the minimum age requirements by the start of the session. Register early as classes fill up quickly.


Location: Willow Point Park, 33666 N. Cove Rd.

Age: 3-15

Weeks: Sessions are 2 weeks long (*No Class 7/4)

Instructor: Jim Fry

Min/Max: 5/20


Class ID       Dates              Day                             Time                             Fee

1921.11.01       7/1-7/12           Monday-Friday        10:00-10:45am         $63R/$75NR

1921.11.04      7/1-7/12           Monday-Friday        11:00-11:45am            $63R/$75NR

1921.11.02     7/15-7/26         Monday-Friday        10:00-10:45am         $69R/$81NR

1921.11.05      7/15-7/26        Monday-Friday         11:00-11:45am           $69R/$81NR

1921.11.03      7/29-8/9         Monday-Friday        10:00-10:45am         $69R/$81NR

1921.11.06     7/29-8/9          Monday-Friday        11:00-11:45am           $69R/$81NR

Tot Soccer

In this program, boys and girls will learn the basics of the world's favorite sport. Participants will learn to dribble, pass, and shoot in this 4-week course. Drills, games, and equipment designed specifically for this age group will be used to help students learn the sport, develop motor skills, and socialize. Water bottles are required at all classes.  No class July 4th. 


Location: Willow Point Park, 33666 N. Cove Rd.

Age: 3-6 years

Instructor: Wildwood Park District Staff

Min/Max: 6/20


Class ID          Date             Day         Time                      Fee

1921.03.01        7/2-7/30      T/TH       5:30-6:20pm       $41R/$49NR

Intro to T-Ball

Our T-Ball program provides boys and girls with the opportunity to learn fundamentals of America's past time in a fun and relaxed environment. Children will utilize tees and soft rubber balls for play. Rules of the game and instructions will be emphasized. First week will be basic instruction, then children will be split into teams and games will begin on week two. The program will meet at Willow Point Park twice a week for four weeks. A fielding glove and water bottle is required at all classes. 


Location: Willow Point Park, 33666 N. Cove Rd.

Age: 4-6 years

Instructor: Wildwood Park District Staff

Min/Max: 6-20


Class ID          Date                  Day                      Time                      Fee

1921.22.01         6/3-6/26          Mon/Wed           5:30-6:20pm       $41R/$49NR









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