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Whether you are looking to enhance a healthier lifestyle or beginning an exercise routine, we have a talented and experienced fitness staff that will help guide you towards a happier and healthier you. At Wildwood Park District you will benefit and enjoy a non-threatening, friendly and casual environment with personal attention that's hard to find in large gyms.  Join us and take a step forward in reaching your fitness goals.



Fitness Classes


This is a strength class, focusing on toning muscles in your core and glutes. By combining traditional ab exercises with various stretches and strengthening exercises, we will target and define those areas. There will be three sessions of this program offered on Tuesdays from 6:30pm until 7:15pm. Session dates are listed below. 


Session 3:  July 18 - August 15



Enjoy a restful, calming class designed to engage the mind and body through stretching and strengthening exercises. Improve flexibility, range of motion, balance and posture during this hour long program. There will be three sessions of this program offered on Mondays and three sessions offered on Thursdays. Session dates are listed below.


                         Mondays                                     Thursdays

Session 3:  July 17 - August 14                     July 20 - August 17


Sign up for more than one session for a class and save money! Multi-session discounts are available for some of the classes. For more details please refer to the Fitness section in our latest Program Brochure. 


Registration ends one week prior to the beginning of each session. If sessions have already started and you still wish to sign up, you may still do so as long as class is running and space is available. Call our office at (847) 223-7275 or email us at info@wildwoodparkdistrict.com for more information.


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