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Why Walk?

Drawing on collaborations with community members, government agencies, clubs as well as businesses, schools and religious organizations, GO WILDWOOD seeks to create more awareness of the many programs and services that support local health and wellness initiatives.


Walking Club Summer 2019


As a continuation of our GO WILDWOOD initiative, the Walking Club will meet once a month to walk through our parks.  This club will give participants the opportunity to get outside, get some excersize, and socialize with their neighbors.  Each walk will be led by a Walking Club Champion.  All ages are welcome and patrons can come and go as they please.  Register for each walk at least one week prior to the date.  

If the weather is questionable, contact the office one hour before we are scheduled to meet to ensure that we still will walk.  


If you are interested in becoming a Walking Club Champion and leading our walks, contact our office at 847-223-7275 or info@wildwoodparkdistrict.com. 



Twin Lakes Park                          June 20                        3:00pm                                                                Meet at the playground in Twin Lakes Park


Willow Point Park                       July 18                           7:00pm                                     Meet at the corner of N Woodland Terrace and N Cove Rd      



Warren Township Trail              August 15                     3:00pm              Meet in the parking lot across from the Warren Township Food Pantry

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