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TOT Soccer        (Ages 3-6)


In this program, boys and girls will learn the basics of the world's favorite sport. Participants will learn to dribble, pass and shoot in this 4-week course. Drills, games and equipment designed specifically for this age group will be used to help students learn the sport, develop motor skills and socialize. Water bottles are required at all classes.  This class will be at Willow Point Park 33666 N. Cove Rd. 


 Dates          # of Days              Time                    R/NR Fee       Class ID#                    Instructor

7/7-8/6          10 days         5:30pm-6:20pm         $48/$51          2021.03.01           Wildwood Park District Staff









Professional magician Gary Kantor now teaches his popular magic class ONLINE.  This 45-minute online class teaches children how to perform a number of mind-boggling tricks using everyday household items.  Gary will start by explaining the secrets to the tricks, and then both Gary and the children will practice everything in great detail.  The children will have a blast as they learn exactly what to say and do when performing in front of an audience.  And since this class is online, it can be taken whenever it is convenient for your schedule.  And the videos can be watched again and again.  Your entire family can even take this class together!  Additionally, be sure to sign up for this class again since new tricks are taught each session.  Class is for ages 5-12.  (When you register, you will be told the household items that are needed for the class.). Please email bmagnini@wildwoodparkdistrict.com for instructions on how to access the online video. 






Professional balloon artist Gary Kantor introduces a 45 minute online class that teaches children the techniques needed to take plain balloons and transform them into incredible balloon animals (like dogs, butterflies, fish, etc.).   By watching these online videos children will create their own balloon animals, with Gary walking them through each step in the process. And this class isn't just for the kids; parents will have a blast if they join the experience.  Additionally, you can sign up again since each session makes different animals.  Ideal class age is 7 and above.  (Note: you will need your own balloons and balloon pump.  The pump and balloons cost about $13, and when you register you will be given information on places to purchase these.). Please email bmagnini@wildwoodparkdistrict.com for instructions on how to access the online video. 






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