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Youth Programs






Youth Yoga Class

In this class, students will learn basic yoga poses, breathing techniques and relaxation in fun and creative ways.  Classes focus on building self confidence, strength, flexibility and focus through the use of games, music and stories.  Children are encouraged to express themselves while learning the basic yoga principles of respect to self and others.


Location:  Oak Room; Rule House, 33325 N. Sears Blvd.

Instructor:  Melissa Denapoli

Age:  7-12

Min/Max:  6/12

Number of Classes:  5

No Class:  11/27


Class ID              Date                       Day                        Time                     Fee (R/NR)

1932.02.02       10/9-11/6             Wednesday            4:30-5:15pm                 $51/$59

1932.02.03       11/13-12/18           Wednesday            4:30-5:15pm                 $51/$59


Cooking Class

Does your child have a knack for cooking? Or is he or she just looking for a new hobby? Sign them up to learn the essentials of baking and cooking in this class! In this course, taught by a culinary school graduate, we will learn cooking from around the world! We will be learning about the items we prepare and where it came from! Some highlights include Sushi, Cannolis, homemade flour and cheese quesadillas, decorative caramel apple slices, and much more!


Location: Grandwood Park Park District, 36630 N Hutchins Rd., Gurnee

Instructor:  Karen Osborne

Age: 7-12

Min/Max: 4/12

Number of Classes: 6

No Class Dates: 11/28


Class ID                Date                   Day                     Time                   Fee(R/NR)

1932.25.02         11/7-12/19            Thursday          6:00-7:30pm            $58/$73


Night of the Champions (Parent's Night Out)

Give your child a chance to get out of the house for the hight! Your child will enjoy a movie and a craft pertaining to the sports theme. Popcorn and lemonade will be served. Other activities will include interactive circle games, board games, and sports related activities.


Location: Rule House, 33325 N Sears Blvd.

Instructor:  Wildwood Park District Staff

Age: 4-7

Min/Max: 5/30



Class ID             Date               Day                    Time                      Fee(R/NR)

1932.24.01          10/18              Friday            7:00-9:00pm                 $11/$15

RoboThink Workshops

Learn how to use RoboThink's innovative robotics pieces, motors, switches, axles and gears to build robot models of all sizes, shapes and functions. These lesson plans are built around RoboThink proprietary kits, plans and STEM curriculum, designed by teachers and engineers. The activities are interactive, hands-on and engaging to promote learning in a fun way! Each workshop is for children 6-12 years old. Classes will take place in the Oak Room of the Rule House at 33325 N. Sears Blvd


September 14: Family Battle Royale                 October 12: Soccor Bot                                       November 9: Battle Bot

Have fun with your family and learn                       Build a robot and play an                                       Have fun and learn how to build

how to build robots, then battle                               exciting game of robot                                           robots, then battle and challenge

your creations against other robots                        soccor in this fun workshop!                                your creatons against other robots 

in our exciting workshop!                                           No prior experience required                                in our exciting workshop!


Class ID                         Workshop                   Date                       Time                        Min/Max                Fee (R/NR)

1932.05.02                       Soccer Bot                  10/12            10:00-12:00pm                   4/20                           $36/$41

1932.05.03                        Battle Bot                   11/09           10:00-12:00pm                   4/20                           $36/$41





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