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Youth Programs







Cooking Class

Does your child have a knack for cooking or is he or she just looking for a new hobby? Sign them up to learn the essentials of baking and cooking in this class!  The theme for this session is:  "Play With Your Food".  Each class week will be different and feature: making art pancakes; plating and garnishing; animal bread; cake pops; fun with fondant; and edible arrangements!  Please bring an apron to class.



Location: Grandwood Park Park District, 36630 N. Hutchins Rd., Gurnee

Instructor:  Karen Osborne

Ages: 7-12


Number of Classes: 6

No Class Dates:  3/26


Class ID                Date                     Day                   Time                      Fee(R/NR)

2012.07.02         3/12-4/23               Thurs          6:00-7:30pm                 $58/$73




Magic Class

Children are guaranteed to have a great time as they learn a collection of fascinating and mesmerizing tricks from the "Magic Team of Gary Kantor"! Amaze family and friends with tricks that involve cards, ropes, coins, mind-reading, and more. All materials are provided and each child receives a magic kit to take home. Children are grouped by age and always learn tricks that are age appropriate. Additionally, you can sign up for this class again since brand new tricks are taught at each session.


Location:  Mundelein Park District, 888 Dunbar Rd., Mundelein

Instructor:  Magic Team of Gary Kantor

Ages:  5-12

Min/Max: 3/5

Number of Classes:  1


Class ID            Date              Day                     Time                         Fee(R/NR)                                

2012.20.02          4/6                Wed                5:00-5:55pm                   $20/$25







Paint N' Pop

Join us at the Wildwood Park District for a fun evening of acryllic painting!  This family friendly event is open to all ages and skill levels.  Enjoy some cold soda while you paint the night away.  Participants will paint a spring piece called "Hummingbird Hideaway" (see image below).   Class taught by professionals from Art Rave, Inc.  Please either sign up through the Wildwood Park District or you may sign up through Art Rave, Inc. at https://artraveinc.com/event/humming-bird-hideaway-wildwood-park-district-68929/?fbclid=IwAR2gBgTfY3h7l2HneTqSuU6edIBhGtt-MmD49AaQNfy50ofH38WE2Z9pJBg. This link can be found through the event page 

at Art Rave, Inc online or on Wildwood Park District's Facebook page under the Paint N' Pop event. 


Location:  Oak Room, Rule House, 33325 N. Sears Blvd.

Instructor:  Art Rave, Inc.

Ages:  All ages

Min/Max:  10/30


Class ID           Date                  Day                   Time                        Fee(R/NR)

2012.06.01         2/25                   Tues             6:30-8:30pm                 $42/$47
















"Night Under the Sea" Movie Night

Give your child a chance to get out of the house for the night! Your child will enjoy a movie and a craft and interactive activies pertaining to the "ocean" theme. Popcorn and lemonade will be served.


Location:  Oak Room, Rule House, 33325 N. Sears Blvd.

Instructor:  Wildwood Park District Staff

Ages:  4-7

Min/Max:  5/30


Class ID           Date                   Day                   Time                       Fee(R/NR)

2012.19.02         4/24                     Fri                7:00-9:00pm                 $11/$16



Spring Break Camp

Spend Spring Break with the Wildwood Park District!  Enjoy a variety of games, activities and crafts in this week-long day camp.  As much as weather permits, the children will enjoy being outdoors and experiencing the natural amenities of Wildwood.  A snack will be provided each day, but be sure your child comes with a lunch and a water bottle. Before and After Care provided for an additional fee.


Location:  Rule Park, 33325 N. Sears Blvd.

Instructor:  Wildwood Park District Staff

Ages:  6-11

Min/Max:  10/60


Class ID                 Date                 Day                   Time                      Fee (R/NR)

2012.13.01            3/23-3/27            M-F           9:00am-3:00pm          $120/$140


                                              Before Care

Class ID                 Date                 Day                    Time                       Fee (R/NR)

2012.14.01            3/23-3/27            M-F             8:00-9:00am                 $13/$18


                                                          Extended Care

Class ID                 Date                 Day                    Time                       Fee (R/NR)

2012.16.01            3/23-3/27            M-F             3:00-5:00pm                  $25/$35




RoboThink Workshops

Learn how to use RoboThink's innovative robotics pieces, motors, switches, axles and gears to build robot models of all sizes, shapes and functions.  These lesson plans are built around RoboThink proprietary kits, plans and STEM curriculum, designed by teachers and engineers.  The activities are interactive, hands-on and engaging to promote learning in a fun way! Each workshop is for children 6-12 years old.  Classes will take place in the Oak Room of the Rule House at 33325 N. Sears Blvd.


       February 29:  Battle Bot                                  March 14:  Robot Rumble                                   April 18:  Soccer Bot

Have fun and learn how to build                       It's time to duke it out! In this                        Build a robot and play an exciting

robots, then battle and challenge                     robotics workshop, students will                    game of robot soccer in this soccer

your creations against other robots                 build and modify a robot to com-                  bot workshop! No prior experience

in our exciting workshop!                                    pete in a game of last robot working.           required. 



Class ID                  Workshop              Day                Time                    Min/Max              Fee (R/NR)

2012.05.01                Battle Bot                Sat           10:00-12:00pm             4/20                      $36/$41

2012.05.02            Robot Rumble           Sat           10:00-12:00pm              4/20                     $36/$41

2012.05.03               Soccer Bot               Sat           10:00-12:00pm              4/20                     $36/$41


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