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Park Pavilion Application
Room Rental Application

Pavilion and Room Rentals

Wildwood residents may rent outdoor Pavilions until October 31, 2020.  Due to the current COVID-19 virus, we will be unable to rent rooms at the Rule House until further notice.  We are sorry for this inconvenience.


Call the main office at 847-223-7275 to check for availability. Note that Wildwood Park District sponsored activities have priority in all facilities. Therefore, reservations for Rooms and Pavilions can only be taken after our programs have been set for each season as follows:








Rental applicants must be a Wildwood resident and the renter (the specific person listed on the Rental Application) is required to be present for the entire length of the event. 



The Outdoor Pavilion fee is $35 per day plus a $35 Refundable Deposit.

The Indoor Room Rental fee is $35 per hour for the Oak Room or $25 per hour  for the Maple Room with a $50 Refundable Deposit.

More details are provided in the Rental Application forms. Select the buttons below to view or download a copy of the Pavilion/ Rental Application Form. Please read all Rules and Regulations carefully.

January to April rental dates - Reservations taken December 1st or later


May to August rental dates - Reservations taken April 1st or later


September to October 31 rental dates - Reservations taken August 1st or later

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