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Special Events / Trips 





It's time to mail your letter to Santa and let him know how good you have been this year!  Be sure to mail your letter by Friday, December 7th so Santa has plenty of time to reply during his busiest time of the year.  Please drop off your letter in our mailbox or mail you letter to:

Santa, North Pole

c/0 Wildwood Park District

33325 N Sears Bllvd

Wildwood IL. 60030


Bring out the little ones to enjoy a lunch with Santa! The event will consist of a delicious lunch, mingling with Santa Claus and telling Santa what you want for Christmas. All ages are welcome. Preregistration is required by Friday, November 30.


Class ID:  1837.12.01


Location:  Grandwood Park, Park District, 36630 N Hutchins Rd., Gurnee


Date: 12/9


Time:  12:00pm-2:00pm


Fee:  $10R/$12NR



School Day off Trips



Sign your child up for a chance to swim with their friends on a day off of school!  We will meet at the Rule House at 9:00am on October 8th and January 4th.  At 9:30am we will leave for Hastings Lake YMCA.  We will swim between 10:00am and 12:00pm.  We will return at 12:45pm.  Children will be picked up at 1:00pm.  You may sign your child up for extended care from 1:00pm to 3:00pm for an additional fee.

Location:  Rule House

Ages:  6-12

Class ID      Date      Activity                Fee

1837.16.03    1/4             Trip                        $40R/$50NR

1837.16.04   1/4          Extended Hours       $10R/$12NR



Sign your child up to enjoy some lasertag and trampoline dodgeball with their friends at Lasertag Adventure!  We will meet at Rule House at 8:15am on December 28th.  At 8:30am we depart for Lasertag Adventure.  From 10:00am to 12:00pm, we will explore Lasetag Adventure.  We will return at 1:45pm and children will be picked up at 2:00pm.  You may sign your child up for extended care from 2:00pm to 3:00pm for an additional fee.

Location:  Rule House

Ages:  6-12

Class ID       Date          Activity            Fee

1837.17.01       12/28                  Trip              $70R/$90NR

1837.17.02      12/28       Extended Hours    $5R/$6NR





Join the Wildwood Park District on a trip to Downtown Chicago to celebrate the holidays! Enjoy holiday shopping and looking at the lights with the family. The bus will depart from Rule House at 9:00am and we will reutrn at 6:00pm. Please register by Wednesday, Novomber 21st. The registration cost is per person and covers the cost of transportation.

Location:  Rule House

Ages:  5+

Class ID         Date        Time                   Fee

1837.18.01         12/08       9:00am-6:00pm    $35R/$45NR









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