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Leash up your pup and hop on over to Rule Park for an egg hunt that is just for dogs!  Owners must stay with their dog at all times.  Please bring a basket or bag for collecting eggs.  Each dog may collect up to 10 treat fillled eggs.  No preregistration required.  


Location:  Rule Park


Time:  11:00am


Date:  3/24


Fee:  FREE




Hop along and find eggs filled with candy and toys hidden in Rule Park!  Hunt areas will be divided by age.  One lucky golden egg will be hidden in each area.  Find the lucky golden egg and receive a special prize.  


This event is rain or shine, so please dress for the weather.  When you arrive, line up near your age division.


Note:  We respectfully ask parents to limit their children to 10 eggs so everyone gets their share.  Don't forget to bring a basket!  No preregistration required.  


Location:  Rule Park

Age:  1 - 11 years

Time:  10:00am

Fee:  FREE








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