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TOT Camp

The Tot Camp program provides children who have not yet been to kindergarten a chance to engage in activities and build social skills throughout the summer. Tot Camp is designed to provide your little one with physical, mental, and social activities. Tots will get creative with themed arts and crafts, free choice indoor and outdoor play, music and stories. Children will have a blast going on nature walks, playing games outside, and being active with friends on our age-appropriate playground. We encourage children to bring their own water bottles, while the Park District will provide a snack each day. Children must be potty-trained. Participants should bring a swimsuit and towel on Tuesdays for water activities, which include sprinklers, water tables, sponges and more.


Location:  Walnut Room, Rule House, 33325 N. Sears Blvd.


Age:  3 - 5


Days:  M/T/W


Time:  9:00am - 12:00pm. No camp July 4th.


Class ID                      Date                 Fee (R/NR)

1921.07.01                    6/10 - 6/26            $147/$171

1921.07.02                   7/1 - 7/17                $147/$171

1921.07.03                   7/22 - 8/7              $147/$171 



Camp Attire: Please send your camper with a water bottle and dressed for play. Consider sending an extra set of clothes in case of an accident. On cooler days, please send a sweatshirt or jacket. On Tuesdays, be sure your child has a towel and a swimsuit. It is important to label every item brought or worn to camp. Check the lost and found box if something is left behind.


Sunscreen/Bug Repellent: Please apply sunscreen and bug repellent to your camper each day. You may also send your child with a labeled bottle of spray sunscreen for applications during the day. Camp staff are prohibited fr0m applying traditional sunscreen on your child for any reason.


Snacks/Drinks: One snack will be provided each day of camp. We will have water available at all times, but we suggest bringing your own water bottle each day.


Check In/Out: Tot Camp check in will be located inside our program entrance on the west side of the building. Campers must be checked in and out each day. Drop off begins at 9:00am and pick up is at 12:00pm. Children must be picked up by 12:00pm, or a $1.00 late fee per minute per child will be applied. Children will be all around the park, so please use caution when entering and exiting our parking lot.


Allergies/Medication: Please note on your Camper Information Form if your camper has any allergies or medications they need to take at camp. If necessary, we will provide an additional form for you to fill out.


Staff Training: Tot Camp staff go through many hours of training, including CPR, First Aid, behavior management, safety and activity planning, specifically for this age group.



Summer Day Camp

Camp Rules!

Connections, creativity, laughter and fun is what Camp Rules! is all about. Our summer day camp is designed for campers to experience an action packed summer outdoors and make new friends. Participants will spend most of their time outdoors enjoying all the natural amenities of Wildwood. Each day, Camp Rules! offers new and exciting activities. A typical day consists of arts and crafts, physical activities, songs, games, snacks, and lunch. Campers will also enjoy swimming in Gages Lake twice a week on Tuesdays and Thursdays as well as field trips on Fridays. This year, Camp Rules! is excited to have renowned magician Gary Kantor stop by and conduct a magic seminar.  He will join the campers for one Friday per session. 


Location:  Rule Park, 3325 N. Sears Blvd


Age:  6-11


Times:  9:00am - 3:00pm. No Camp July 4th 


Class ID              Dates             #of Days               Fee (R/NR)

1922.08.01       06/10-06/28           5 days                         $353/$383

1922.08.04.     06/10-06/28           3 days                         $253/$283 

1922.08.02      07/01-07/19             5 days                         $333/$363

1922.08.05      07/01-07/19             3 days                         $233/$263

1922.08.03      07/22-08/09           5 days.                        $353/$383

1922.08.06     07/22-08/09.           3 days                         $253/$283



Three 3-week sessions are available for Camp Rules!. Registration for the first session will not guarantee your child a spot for the second and third sessions. You must register by the Wednesday before each session begins.

Children can be registered for camp 5 days a week or 3 days a week. If you opt for 3 days a week, you will be asked to pick 3 days of the week when you register. These days will be the same throughout the session.

Deposits can be made to hold your spot in a session and will be applied toward full payment. Deposit per session is $50.00 and is non-refundable. Full payment must be made by the Wednesday before the session begins. If full payment is not received by this time, the deposit will be forfeited.

Registration may be done in person, online, by mail or fax. Deposits cannot be made online.

A Camp Handbook will be given or emailed to you at the time of registration. It will also be available online at www.wildwoodparkdistrict.com. This handbook contains information you need to know before sending your child to camp.


Before Camp Care

Before Camp Care is for families who need to drop their camper off earlier than the scheduled time. Parents can drop off their camper between 8:00am and 9:00am for an extra fee. 


Class ID                      Dates                # of Da             Fee (R/NR)

1922.23.01               06/10-06/28.           5 days               $33/$38

1922.23.04              06/10-06/28            3 days               $21/$24

1922.23.02              07/01-07/19              5 days               $31/$36

1922.23.05              07/01-07/19              3 day                 $18/$21

1922.23.03              07/22-08/09            5 days               $33/$38

1922.23.06              07/22-08/09            3 days               $21/$24


Extended Hours

Extended Hours is for families who need a later pick-up time. Parents can pick up their campers between 3:00pm and 5:00pm for an extra fee.


Class ID                      Dates                   # of Days          Fee (R/NR)

1922.09.01             06/10-06/28               5 days                $61/$71

1922.09.04            06/10-06/28               3 days                $38/$44

1922.09.02            07/01-07/19                5 days                $57/$67

1922.09.05            07/01-07/19                3 days                $34/$40

1922.09.03            07/22-08/09               5 days                $61/$71

1922.09.06            07/22-08/09               3 days                $38/$44



Junior Counselor Program

Youth ages 12-14 may register for our junior counselor-in-training program. Participants assist our counselor staff in the planning and administration of camp activities. Each Junior Counselor will have the opportunity to work with each age group with hands-on activities. This program is a great chance to learn skills that may help land that first job. Junior Counselor fees include snack, supplies and a Camp T-shirt (one t-shirt per person per summer).  No Camp July 4th 


Class ID                    Dates                     # of Days                   Fee (R/NR)


1922.21.01             06/10-06/28                  5 days                         $227/$257


1922.21.04            06/10-06/28                  3 days                         $137/$156


1922.21.02            07/01-07/19                   5 days                        $212/$242


1922.21.05            07/01-07/19                   3 days                        $122/$141


1922.21.03            07/22-08/09                  5 days                        $227/$257


1922.21.06            07/22-08/09                  3 days                        $137/$156




Sports Camp 

This weeklong camp is perfect for young sport lovers. Partipants will engage in a variety of sports throughout the week. Come to the park and try new sports, socialize with friends, and learn to work with a team! Participants are encouraged to bring their own water bottles.


Location:  Willow Point Park, 33666 N. Cove Road


Age:  6-12 years


Min/Max: 10/30


Class ID            Date              Day               Time                        Fee

1922.15.01          7/15-7/19       Mon-Fri        9:00-11:45am        $54R/$67NR



Young Explorers Camp

Seek adventure and the wonder of the outdoors with your little one! Join us at Young Explorers Camp where we will discover nature in and around Rule Park. Counselors will take your child and introduce them to trees, types of animals, open fields, and more. Speakers from local nature centers will come and provide educational talks on different aspects of the outdoors. Each class will have a take home nature based craft. Snack will be provided. Camp designed for children who have attended preschool. 


Location:Rule Park, 33325 N. Sears Blvd

Age:4-5 years


Instructor: Wildwood Park District Staff


Class ID        Date            Day             Time                            Fee

1921.01.01      7/15-7-19     Mon-Fri      9:30am-12:30pm     $60R/$73NR






Summer Camp

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